Tree Surgeons & tree cutting services in Edinburgh, The Lothians & Scottish Borders

We have a passion for trees! Whether it's a small or big job we're here to help.

Our staff are fully trained with a wealth of experience in all aspects of tree surgery. We are also fully insured with up to £5,000,000 public liability cover. Safety is a high priority at all times.

We have 24 hour emergency service cover available.

Working closely with Local Tree Officers, we can assist with trees in conservation areas or with a Tree Preservation Order.

We are NPTC qualified & members of the Arboriculture Association.

A local tree cutting service you can rely on

We operate in and around Edinburgh, Lothians and The Scottish Borders. Based in Nine Mile Burn near Penicuik, we cover areas including West Linton, Dolphinton, Glencourse and Lamancha. If you're not sure then please give us a call.

For further reading about tree surgery terminology and other useful tree related material we recommend viewing the Arboriculture Association website.

  • Tree Felling
    Removal of trees to ground level. Often required for diseased, dead or dangerous tree & to make way for new buildings.

  • Pruning
    Removing small amounts of a tree's crown to create more pleasing shape.

  • Crown Reduction
    Trimming a tree's foliage to reduce its overall size and allow light into the surrounding environment.

  • Crown Lift
    Selective removal of lower branches to raise the crown.  Often carried out where there is a need to clear footpaths etc. and allows for increased light.

  • Crown Thinning
    Removing selective outer branches of a tree to keep the overall shape but reduce wind resistance & increase light permeation.

  • Pollarding
    Cutting the upper part of the tree almost to the trunk. This produces a dense head of branches.

  • Dismantling
    Trees can be removed in sections as needed.

  • Hedge reductions
    Removing large sections of the hedge, improving its manageability & aesthetics.

  • Dangerous trees / Storm damaged
    As part of our 24 hour service, we can be called out at anytime to assist in tree removal. Debris will be disposed of.

  • Tree cutting services
    We can carry out most types of tree cutting service within Edinburgh and Lothians - just ask us!

We are here to help so give us a call on 07766 338 798

We can give excellent discounts on jobs with with large quantities of waste hardwood.

Occasionally we will uplift fallen hardwood for free (if it's economic) as this will add to our firewood stock.